Wandering Waiter
About us
The Wandering Waiter is a social media platform (specifically for restaurants) that’s designed to cut out the need for waiters by allowing customers to view the menu, order and pay for their meal directly from their smartphone.

We leverage technology to eliminate the inefficiencies of the restaurant industry and help customers and restaurants simultaneously. For customers, it is a convenient, free and modern way to choose, order and pay for food & drinks. Whilst for restaurants it is a cost reducing, order taking and management system.
We don’t want to disturb the restaurant industry, we want to make it better for everyone involved! Currently, millions of restaurants are closing because of the increasing price of ingredients, rent & wages whilst customers are facing increasing bills, decreasing quality and poor service. The Wandering Waiter wants to transform the industry and create a future where customers are getting the best value, whilst thriving restaurant businesses have more time and money to push the culinary boundaries.
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