At the The Wandering Waiter Ltd we are always looking for ambitious people to drive our business forward. We look for experienced professionals with a passion for excellence, who believe in the power of the team, integrity, innovation and leadership.

If you are interested in joining our journey please apply on our jobs board or email us:
 [email protected]
Working for us
Come into the office if you want. But if you feel like working from a beach bar in Spain please do so!
Humans come out in the day, but lions come out at night. Work the hours that suit your body, lifestyle, commute & gym routine.
We don’t have titles i.e. Vice President. We believe the CEO is as important as the cleaner. We are all 1 team so are on the same level.
We look after each other. Each employee is assigned 2 buddies in unrelated teams to help with anything from career to life advice.
Every employee is paid a competitive base salary as well as 2 performance related bonuses a year.
Dress Code
Wear whatever you want. be smart, be comfortable, be unique, but most importantly be you!
The employee start up fund can help you start up your own business. Also enjoy free food, team building trips & charity days.
Respect, passion for excellence, team, integrity, innovation & leadership.
We want to create the best company to work for, where the best talent can thrive and work together to make the world a better, efficient & positive place.