Corporate Social Responsibility
Here to make the world a better place
We want our technology to impact the industry in a positive way, but we realise some waiters may lose their job as a result. We are not your typical multinational corporation that will try to make as much money as possible without a care for anyone else. We are understanding and have therefore set up an investment fund to support 2 schemes to help those affected.
Raised & donated
meals donated
beaches cleaned
sustainable farms
Starvation & Malnutrition fund
We donate a percentage of profits every year to fund our efforts that aim to make the global number of deaths a year caused by starvation or malnutrition zero!
Waiste programme
We sponsor clean up programmes, force customers & clients to use recyclable materials and send our own employees out to clean the world up
Sustainable farming
We work with governments, farmers, consumers and companies on a number of initiatives to create sustainable farms of the future.
fresh ideas
Retraining Scheme
We will pay for waiters to retrain both inside and outside of the food industry. Waiters can therefore retrain as chefs, restaurant managers or even astronauts!
Start Up Scheme
We will inspire budding restauranteurs by providing cheap loans and grants to people looking to set up their own restaurant. You can sit down with one of our business advisers to discuss your idea and get funding to pay for everything you need!