Frequently Asked Question
How much does it cost restaurants & customers to use The Wandering Waiter?
Our technology is absolutely free – we are here to make the industry a better place, not to make money from it.
How does the restaurant know which table to bring my food to?
During the checkout process, customers are required to select their table number. This information should be displayed on each table in the restaurant or on a table plan nearby. The kitchen will bring the food to the table number provided on the order. If there is confusion surrounding an order then customer name, order number and a order confirmation email should help clear this up.
I have a question for the restaurant- what do i do?
We have built a chat functionality so that customers can talk to the kitchen of any restaurant in the world. Look for the blue chat button in the bottom right hand side of the screen. Ask them anything- e.g. Please can you bring some ketchup to table 7, how long is order number 678 going to take, or where are the toilets?
Why do i have to pay for my food before I’ve received it?
This is a security feature of The Wandering Waiter to help restaurants prevent fake orders being placed. Without this function, customers could order food from a restaurant they are not even located at and have no intention of eating or paying for.
Can i have a refund for my food?
Yes – there is an option within the “My orders” section of a customers account that allows customers to apply for a refund from the restaurant. Once the restaurant has accepted the refund, the money should be back in your account within 2 days. if there are any disputes please email [email protected] and we will help resolve them.
Why am i paying service charge?
Each restaurant is free to select how much service charge they charge to customers and this will be visible in the checkout screen before customers place an order. This is a percentage fee added to the customers bill & is not controlled by The Wandering Waiter. If you are unhappy with the service charge you are paying please talk to a representative of the restaurant or use the chat functionality to raise the issue.
Is the a the Wandering Waiter App?
Unfortunately not. but, we are currently building an app for The Wandering Waiter and cannot wait to release it to customers. At the moment we only have the website .